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Things to do while waiting for a “Microsoft Minute”

  • Have a snack
  • Have a beer… or a glass of whisky
  • Drop and do push-ups
  • Go down the YouTube rabbit hole
  • Take a great selfie and make it your new profile picture
  • Have a power nap
  • Get to “Inbox Zero”
  • Stare at the wall, ceiling, or floor
  • Make some macaroni art, and pin it to your fridge
  • Go outside and take a walk
  • Delete the apps on your phone that you never use
  • Pick up the phone and call your parents
  • Recite your ABCs/The Alphabet Song
  • Read the label of a nearby household product
  • Make a fortune teller out of paper
  • Learn a new skill (for example, basket weaving)
  • Drum on the surface of your desk
  • Do a barrel roll
Updated on March 2, 2018

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